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Growth and Profit Key Success Questions

• Please rank each Growth and Profit question by scoring it on a scale of -5 to +5.    • After answering all of the Growth and Profit questions, the ten key success factor's scores will be calculated.    • Review the scores, especially the three lowest ones that indicate the worse performing areas.    • For a further breakdown on what affects the scores, click on each success factor to see what questions relate to the scores.

How would you rate the following 25 questions in YOUR business or division?

  • -5Major Issue
  • -4Awful
  • -3Terrible
  • -2Could be Better
  • -1Needs Attention
  •  0OK
  •  1Reasonable
  •  2Good
  •  3Very Good
  •  4Excellent
  •  5Couldn't be improved
1. The level of satisfaction and loyalty of our Customers?
2. Our knowledge of our costs, particularly our product costs?
3. The reward system we use for our sales team?
4. The contact program we have for Customers and Prospects?
5. Our understanding of our cash at bank, debtors and creditors?
6. The morale and effectiveness of our teams?
7. Our sales and marketing documentation (brochures, web sites)?
8. The quality of the feedback we provide our staff on their performance?
9. The level of cooperation and trust between teams or divisions?
10. The documentation and understanding of our sales process?
11. The quality of the documentation of our standard operating procedures?
12. Our processes for setting and maintaining our prices?
13. Our ability to grow the business through existing Customers?
14. The control of waste in our business?
15. Our ability to check at any time profit, sales, expenses and cash flow?
16. Our understanding of the needs and perceptions of our Customers?
17. Our database of customers and prospects?
18. The amount and quality of training we provide for our staff?
19. Our ability to deliver on time, on budget and with specified quality?
20. Our documentation of a clear competitive advantage for the business?
21. Our mechanism for benchmarking our systems against best practice?
22. Our ability to record our sales per product, per market segment?
23. Our continuous improvement of our internal processes?
24. Our ability to attract and retain high quality staff?
25. The quality and capability of our sales team?
Click on each factor below to view what questions impact on its success.
The Ten Key Success FactorsScore
1. Business Planning 0.000
2. Leadership 0.000
3. Profit 0.000
4. Marketing 0.000
5. Personal Development 0.000
6. Continuous Improvement 0.000
7. Sales 0.000
8. Team Morale 0.000
9. Waste Reduction 0.000
10. Customer Service 0.000